The concept of "Sweetheart Wings" has a long standing tradition that dates all the way back to World War I. Upon graduating pilot training, servicemen would have a set of their wings turned into a pin or pendant by a local jeweler in order to give to their girlfriend, fiancé, or wife before they went overseas. This custom grew even more popular during World War II, and the handcrafted jewelry became that much more impressive. 

Women who received sweetheart jewelry from their significant other wore the pieces with the utmost pride. These items were displayed proudly every day as a sign of solidarity until the war finally ended.

Here at Sweetheart Wings, we hope to bring this tradition back to the forefront within the aviation community.

Each of our pieces is meticulously designed to put a contemporary twist on vintage looks, and is made when you order.

We hope that you enjoy wearing these wings as much as we enjoy making them.

Best wishes,

Lana & Tyler